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Finding your Crowd

Effectively pinpointing and monitoring traffic sources is crucial for devising targeted marketing strategies, ensuring that the ideal product reaches the perfect customer.


What do they really think?

Monitoring users during their engagement with the product is a fundamental aspect of the user testing process. Documenting these interactions contributes to a deeper understanding of user behavior and preferences.

Building meaningful experiences

Leveraging the latest opensource and commercial solutions to bring multisensory, interactive, engaging experiences to visitors and customers.

Generative AI

Unlock the potential of our cutting-edge generative AI solutions, tailored for museums and e-commerce businesses, to create captivating, personalized content that enhances user engagement and drives growth across your digital platforms.


Elevate your museum and e-commerce customer experience with our intelligent chatbots, expertly crafted to provide instant personalized assistance that boosts engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

Semantic & Similarity Search

Discover the power of our advanced semantic and similarity search technology, specifically designed to revolutionize the user experience for museums and e-commerce platforms, connecting your audience with the most relevant content and products like never before.


Innovative Solutions for Cultural Preservation

At Balzard, we're creating unique tools that bridge the gap between technology, data science, and social heritage studies. Our digital archives are designed to be immersive, interactive, and easy to access, enabling individuals, organizations, and communities to connect with their past like never before.


Our Approach

Easy Handoff

Focus on creating instead of tooling. We'll pick up where you left off, and work on making your business run seamlessly.

SEO friendly

WE use all the tools in our toolbelt to help your customers find you.

OpenSource Projects?

Unfinished opensource project needing final touches? We can pick up where you left off.

Museums contribute over

billion to the U.S. economy each year.

Every direct job at a museum supports an additional job in the economy. This is a higher rate than many other industries.

% of Americans believe that museums are educational assets for their communities.

Living in a community with cultural resources confers a five year advantage in cognitive age: museums and similar cultural organizations provide the biggest boost to cognitive health.

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